Veteran’s Energy LLC specializes in procuring natural gas and electricity on behalf of clients across all industry sectors throughout the United States, in 36 of approximately 38 deregulated states and internationally in Canada. Veteran’s Energy’s mission is to service clients with the the maximum energy savings possible under all market conditions and to benefit our nations veterans through our foundation of giving via The Wounded Warrior Project.
Deregulation of energy is the result of various state governments breaking up monopolies the big local public utilities have had, many of them for over 100 years. Today, deregulation gives homeowners and businesses the option to use AGS (alternative gas suppliers) and AES (alternative electric suppliers) for the commodity portion of your energy bills, resulting in significant utility / energy savings for our clients . Poorly thought out energy procurement purchasing decisions can be an expensive and costly mistake few businesses can afford in these difficult and challenging economic times. Natural gas and electricity prices fluctuate constantly, which can significantly affect your energy bills and performance against budget. By taking a proactive approach to buying energy, you can better control your energy costs which are normally the biggest overhead expense item for business after labor costs. Veterans Energy trained ‘Energy Consultants’ can lead you to strategic energy procurement purchases that ensure you are getting the best value for your energy dollars.